Speaking Place is a social catalyst organization.


We produce media products and social processES.

We are:

  • InteRdisciplinary

  • Research-based

  • Wired for New Media

  • Innovative

  • Collaborative

  • Diverse

  • Community-Driven


Interdisciplinary: We integrate strategies from the disciplines of Psychology, Anthropology, Documentary Filmmaking, Linguistics, Education, and others that are specific to the project.

Research Based: Our approach is evidence based whenever possible leading to the expanding of best practices wherever needed.

Video and New Media: In the service of Community Education, we use the energy and power of media to craft participatory strategies that give voice to all, raising awareness as a path to learning and new activity.

Innovation: We are creative and not risk aversive.

Collaborative: We embrace collaborations across disciplines and social and economic classes, and cultures, and help create the conditions to make this possible.

Diverse Experiential Base: From the streets of Harlem to Wall Street, North and West Africa, the Caribbean, Rural New England, the Mexican Highlands, whether indigenous, professional, or ordinary person on the street; we invite, engage and give back in a spirit of affirmation and possibility.

Community Driven: A group or community needs to become publicly aware and able to define their problem in their own terms before progress can be made. Solutions often already exist within the community, and much of what we do is use media and education to facilitate a process and resources that lead to new awareness and action.