Speaking Place Teaches Community Documentation at Univ. of Alaska

The Institute on Collaborative Language Research, CoLang, invites Speaking Place to Teach Community Documentation at the University of Alaska 2016 Summer Workshops

Ben Levine and Julia Schulz will join SOAS Director, Mandana Seyfeddinipur, for a two-week workshop presenting the latest techniques in community language documentation. Mandana Seyfeddinipur has pioneered gesture analysis and is a leader in linguistics documentation and archive development. The course will feature the family of endangered language documentation and revival methods developed at Speaking Place. Participants come from all over the world and include community language advocates as well as linguistics students.

The workshops are organized by the Alaska Native Language Center and funded by the National Science Foundation directorate of Documenting Endangered Languages, among others. The workshops will take place at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus in June.